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ARI on Immigration
Immigration Enthusiasts
The Ascension of Jason Hill
Open Borders and Individual Rights
Yaron Brook on Executive Amnesty
Ayn Rand on Immigration
Leonard Peikoff  vs.  Yaron Brook  on  Immigration
All We Need Is Self-Confidence
For Thee but Not for Me
Killing Europe
Harry Binswanger on National Sovereignty

Follow the Money
Who Is Carl Barney ?
Response to Barney Revelations
Yaron Brook on Scientology
Barney Tells His Story
Barney Continues Telling His Story
Barney Sticks to His Story
Andrew Bernstein’s Tribute to Carl Barney
Barney’s Big Lie
Carl Barney Versus Objectivity
The End of Barney’s Second Career
The Objectivist Gravy Train

Who Is Richard Minns ?
Response to Minns Revelations
Valedictorians of Yesteryear
Birds of a Feather
Ayn Rand and the Noble Lie
Ayn Rand on WW II
“Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Semitism”
Ayn Rand’s Political Label
Ayn Rand on Organized Objectivism

Presidential Elections – Ayn Rand & ARI
1932 to 1980
1984 to 2000
2004:  An Application of the DIM Hypothesis
2008:  Leonard Peikoff  vs.  Ron Paul
2012:  Yaron Brook  vs.  Ron Paul
2016:  Fear and Loathing of Donald Trump
           Contra Trump 1
           Contra Trump 2
           Leonard Peikoff on Donald Trump
           Vote for Hillary
           They Know What They’re Doing
           The American Spirit
2020:  Biden Must Win or America is Doomed
           Trump Good and Bad
           An HBL Member on the Election
           Theft of the U.S. Presidency
           Trump’s Election Fraud Speech
           Mouthpieces for Election Riggers

The Growing Police State
Harry Binswanger  and the  Surveillance State
Peikoff on Waco and Militias
“No Conflict Between Liberty and Security”
Ayn Rand on Creeping Tyranny
Is it Happening Here ?
The Complicity of Silence

Government Institutionalized Torture
Ayn Rand on Torture
A Question for Leonard Peikoff
Leonard Peikoff on Torture
Harry Binswanger on Torture
Yaron Brook on Torture
“The Wreckage of the Consensus Revisited”
The Military Commissions Act of  2006
“World Opinion Be Damned !”
Torture and Intrinsicism

The Iraq War  &  Iran
Relentless Propaganda
“Honoring Virtue”
“What We Owe Our Soldiers”
“How to Truly Support our Troops”
“America Needs a Leader Like George Washington”
“The Big Lie:  Intelligence Failure in Iraq”
“War Powers Without War”
The Concept Game
These are New Intellectuals ?
Our Bold, Fearless Leader
“Peace On Earth – And Its Price”
Nobody but Leftists ?
A Lot of Explaining to Do
How to Kill an Idea
O’Reilly Interviews Yaron Brook
Relentless Propaganda:  Redux for Iran

This Is Our Ally ?
“The Moral Case for Supporting Israel”
Ayn Rand on Israel

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