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Theft of the U.S. Presidency
- ARI board chairman is unconcerned -

Like you, probably, and a zillion other people, I stayed up late November 3rd 2020, periodically checking a map of the election returns. I went to bed relieved: Trump would win the majority of the electoral college. Only to wake up next morning to discover that swing states had inexplicably flipped and Biden won instead.

So far everyone at the Ayn Rand Institute has been silent about the ensuing vote count controversy, tacitly accepting a probable fraud that strikes at the heart of our government’s legitimacy. Everyone? There is one exception, Yaron Brook. No tacit acceptance for him, he is outspoken about it, pooh-poohing the very idea that people who wanted Biden president would or could steal the election.

The following is from Mr. Brook’s podcast of 5 November 2020. [1]

[Reads question] “Any chance there has been tampering with elections?”

Obviously the questioner refers to the then recent presidential and congressional elections. But Mr. Brook begins his reply by answering a more general question, in his signature strident and self-righteous manner:

“Of course there’s always been tampering with elections.”

He mentions how the Democrat won the Presidency in 1960, then continues to avoid the original question for a while by answering other questions.

“So is there fraud out there? Yes. Is it only Democrats? No. Why would you think that? What is there in the world to suggest that only Democrats would do this?”

Later in the show (we jump ahead to consolidate this point):

“Why are we assuming that powerlusters on the left are better at this than powerlusters on the right and do it more frequently? I see no evidence to suggest that that is true.”

There are two reasons to think Democrats are more prone to engage in vote fraud than Republicans. First, people who would use government to “redistribute” your property won’t respect your vote any more than your property. The second reason is that Democrats have a history of stealing elections. For examples the Richard Nixon – John Kennedy presidential race of 1960 and the Coke Stevenson – Lyndon Johnson Senatorial race of 1948. Contrary to Brook’s insinuation that Republicans have cheated as much as Democrats, there is no Republican example remotely comparable in importance to those two. Brook again:

“Is there a grand scheme? No, couldn’t get away with it. ... I mean really, if there is fraud it’s likely to be small scale, it’s likely to be here and there, it’s likely to affect both political parties. Is there fraud at a scale that would win this particular election when lawyers are everywhere ... where would there be fraud if there are lawyers looking over everybody’s shoulder?”

Apparently that last is supposed to be a metaphor. In several states the ballot-counting observers were observers in name only because they were required to stay so far away it was impossible for them to observe anything. After Mr. Brook mentions the ensuing lawsuits he finally answers the original question about vote fraud in the 2020 election:

“My guess is – educated guess – there’s gonna be none of it, none of it’s gonna be provable.”

Rather his hopeful guess. After mentioning a cherry-picked example of a false vote fraud allegation:

“The problem is, people just are unbelievably, unthinkingly, gullible, and buy into any story. Particularly if it reinforces their prior beliefs. ... The reason I have been so anti-Trump all these years is because of exactly what’s going on tonight. He is a President who before he ran for president was a conspiracy theorist. ... He was a president who is now using conspiracy theories to try to hold onto power when it looks like ... the democratic process, the process of voting, has voted him out.”

In short, if you think Biden won by fraud you are a gullible conspiracy theorist.

Mr. Brook then asks us to remember that Trump thinks he would have done even better in 2016 were it not for vote fraud, and:

“... if he believed that, why didn’t he send even more lawyers? Why wasn’t he even better prepared? I mean, don’t buy this nonsense. Don’t buy it.”

According to Mr. brook, when Democrats attempt something risky, fighting the clock, they will do it well and thoroughly. Since they didn’t do it well and thoroughly (just well enough for Biden to win), they couldn’t have done it. You can’t make this up:

“If Democrats are cheating ... why aren’t they cheating more effectively? Why are they so bad at it? ... If they’re really this good, don’t you think we would have seen a blue wave? Why didn’t the Democrats cheat to the extent of a blue wave?”

Later Mr. Brook repeats the same point when responding to someone’s comment that the DNC is good at vote fraud, look at how John F. Kennedy won in 1960:

“It was back then, yeah ... it doesn’t look like they’re very good right now. They should have had Biden win much easier. They could have had the Senate and could have gained in the House.”

And towards the end of the show he repeats the point yet again:

“If they’re committing fraud they aren’t very good at it.”

I’ll have to remember Mr. Brook’s argument next time I’m up for bank robbery.
Judge:  “Well, Mr. Hunter, what do you have to say for yourself this time?”
Me:     “I’m innocent, your honor. I only had time to – I mean, would I take only $100,000 when there was $1,000,000 in the vault?”

He mocks those concerned about the vote count:

“Democrats were supposed to win in a landslide? And they didn’t! That seems suspect to me.”

Mr. Brook thinks a prospective Biden administration is nothing to worry about:

“It looks like the Republicans will hold the Senate, and if the Republicans hold the Senate then what can Biden do? How bad can it really get? All the things that we were told ... are not gonna happen because the Republicans, the bastions and protectors of freedom, will not let it happen.”

He is not being sarcastic.  The truth though is that few Republicans in Congress can be relied upon, and the President has extensive powers separate from those of Congress.

After talking about other subjects Mr. Brook winds up the show on an optimistic note:

“Think about the potential that we have. There are eight billion people on planet earth. Many do not live in even semi-freedom. But more and more of them are living under relative freedom. Think about what that does to progress. Think about billions of minds working on problem solving. Billions of minds entering the global economy ...”

Etc, set aside your income and neighborhood, nothing matters but the Gross Domestic Product.  Then we should:

“... embrace freedom so that we can fully get all the benefits of that.”

After offering a raft of ridiculous arguments about what strikes at the heart of government, we are to worry about Nigerians, Vietnamese, the whole world, and embrace freedom – the freedom that remains in what will be, if Yaron Brook has his way, a one party dictatorship with phony elections for show.


Below are links to articles and videos explaining the evidence for vote fraud, what is being done about it, and what can be done about it. In some cases the titles have been abbreviated or made more descriptive.

Federal Elections End at Midnight on Election Day
by Devvy Kidd,  2 November 2020

Rudy Giuliani speaking in Philadelphia
video, 4 November 2020

Livid! Trump v. Biden Election While Votes Still Being Counted
by Bill Whittle, et al (video excerpts),  4 November 2020 [2]

President Trump Should Not Concede – No Matter What
by James Kirkpatrick,  10 November 2020

The Stolen Election, Part One: American Pravda
by Bill Whittle (video),  10 November 2020

The Stolen Election, Part Two: Hiding Biden Laptop
by Bill Whittle (video),  24 November 2020
(see also  Journalists Show How They Operate  17 March 2021)

A Stolen Election?
by Paul Craig Roberts,  4 November 2020

Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election
by Paul Craig Roberts,  5 November 2020

Press Prostitutes Make Fools of Themselves Trying to Cover Up Vote Fraud
by Paul Craig Roberts,  5 November 2020

The Media Whores Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight
by Paul Craig Roberts,  6 November 2020

The West is Throwing Itself Into the Ash Bin of History
by Paul Craig Roberts,  9 November 2020

Why Do the Presstitutes Deny the Obvious?
by Paul Craig Roberts,  11 November 2020

Overview of the Stolen Election
by Paul Craig Roberts,  12 November 2020

The New York Times Lie Sheet: “No Election Fraud”
by Paul Craig Roberts,  14 November 2020

Software Used in Michigan County that Stole Votes Used in All Swing States
by Jim Hoft,  6 November 2020

Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation
by John Binder,  30 August 2020

Statistical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen
by The Red Elephants,  5 and 8 November 2020

Of Color Revolutions: Foreign and … Domestic?
by Brett Redmayne-Titley,  8 November 2020

The Voter Integrity Project
by Matt Braynard (video),  8 November 2020

The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win
by Steve Cortes, senior advisor for Trump’s campaign  9 November 2020

The Tar Baby of the Post Election False Narrative
by Polly St. George (Amazing Polly, video),  9 November 2020

Michigan: Ballots Renamed When From Someone Who Had Already Voted
by Patty McMurray,  10 November 2020

No Invoices or Work Orders for Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta
by Joe Hoft,  11 November 2020

Recordings of Michigan Poll Workers Being Trained in Deceit
October 2020

Erie, PA Postal Worker Placed on Unpaid Leave for Reporting Ballot Backdating
by Project Veritas,  11 November 2020

Recording of federal agent and assistant browbeating postal worker
by Richard Alex Hopkins (see above), et al, Project Veritas,  11 November 2020

Hundreds of Thousands of Invalid Ballots
by Sidney Powel1 (video),  11 November 2020

Dominion Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward
by Rudy Giuliani (video),  11 November 2020

The Dirtiest Election in Recent Historypulled by YouTube
by Rudy Giuliani (video),  11 November 2020

Collage of Interviews About the Election
by Ardent Videos,  10 November 2020

Nevada Whistleblower Describes Biden Vote Van
by Emily Larsen,  9 November 2020

The difference Between Glitches and Design
by Bill Binney, NSA whistleblower,  9 November 2020

Deep State Meddling
by “Dark Journalist” (interviews Joseph Farrell, a bit of a crank but interesting here),  10 November 2020

Federal Election Commission Chair Calls Election Illegitimate
by Gabriel Keane,  12 November 2020

Number of Illegitimate Votes in Four Swing States Enough to Overturn Election
by Joe Hoft,  13 November 2020

Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern
by Joe Hoft,  13 November 2020

The State of Michigan
by Rudy Giuliani (video),  13 November 2020

Dominion and Silicon Valley Fraud
by Sidney Powell (video),  13 November 2020

Why Pennsylvania Doesn’t Add Up
by Paul Kengor,  13/14 November 2020

Overseer of Arizona Vote Count Tweeted About Trump’s “Neo-Nazi Base”
by Paul Watson,  12 November 2020

One Simple Question for People Who Work With Fraud
by Larry Correia,  12 November 2020

The Georgia recount may be as corrupt as the original count
by Andrea Widburg,  14 November 2020

Lin Wood Explains His Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Secretary of State
The John Fredericks Show, transcript,  17 November 2020
(Wood lost on 19 November – he lacked “legal standing” – and lost his appeal on 5 December)

Michigan: Physical Intimidation Causes GOP Officials to Cave in
by Washington Watcher II,  18 November 2020

I Know Sidney Powell and She Is Telling the Truth
by John Zmirak,  19 November 2020

Giuliani’s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence
by Paul Craig Roberts,  19 November 2020

U.S. Embassy Cable Proves Smartmatic’s Connection to Venezuela
by Paul Craig Roberts,  20 November 2020

Negative Trump Counts?
by Joe Hoft,  23 November 2020

Democrats and Media Abandon Democracy
by Paul Craig Roberts,  23 November 2020

Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, About the Election Steal
by Patrick Byrne (video),  25 November 2020

Sidney Powell Files Complaint in District Court of Atlanta
by Andrea Widburg,  26 November 2020

Nine reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling
by Patrick Basham,  27 November 2020

Review of Statistical Analyses
The Red Elephants,  27 November 2020

The Proof Is In: The Election Was Stolen?
by Paul Craig Roberts,  30 November 2020

This might be the most important speech I’ve ever made
by Donald Trump (video),  2 December 2020

William Barr, Swamp Creature
by Judge Jeanine Pirro (video),  5 December 2020

Yes, Democrats Cheat. We Have to Win Georgia Anyway
by Ann Coulter,  2 December 2020

Commentary from Australia
Sky News,  3 December 2020

Election Fraud Claims Debunked (Extended Sarcasm)
by Bill Whittle (video),  8 December 2020

Fractional Vote Algorithm Used Vote Ratios Across Pennsylvania Precincts to Flip Votes
by Edward Solomon (video),  5 December 2020

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Challenging Election Procedures
by Ken Paxton, TX Attorney General,  8 December 2020

Pennsylvania Legislator Suing Governor for Election Fraud
by Frank Ryan, American Thinker  5 December 2020

Eight Other States Join Texas in Supreme Court Lawsuit Against Georgia
by Bob Adelmann, The New American,  9 December 2020

Sidney Powell, Patrick Colbeck, and Jesse Morgan
interviewed by Lou Dobbs (video excerpts),  10 December 2020

Voter Fraud Never Happens! Except in These 10,000 Cases
by Ann Coulter,  9 December 2020

Coffee County, GA Election Workers Demonstrate Dominion Voting Machine Flaws
by Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics  10 December 2020

Supreme Court Rejects Texas Suit Seeking to Overturn Election
by Pete Williams & Dartunorro Clark,  NBC News 11 December 2020

The Fight Continues Despite Supreme Court Ruling on Texas
by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit  11 December 2020

Antrim Michigan Forensics Report
by Allied Security Operations Group,  13 December 2020

Gateway Pundit Requests Video Footage of Detroit’s Biden Ballot Dump
by Ben Wetmore,  17 December 2020

Michigan Official Tells Volunteers to Count Ballots with Duplicate Signatures
by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit  18 December 2020

Six Dimensions of Election Irregularities
by Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President  17 December 2020

Some of the Most Significant Allegations of Election Miscounts, Errors, or Fraud
by Sharyl Attkisson,  20 December 2020

Requiem for Donald Trump
by Paul Craig Roberts,  21 December 2020

Contesting Election Results
by Donald Trump (video),  22 December 2020

You’d have to be blind not to see it
by John Perazzo,  23 December 2020

Pennsylvania Congressmen Find Certified Results Off by Over 200,000 Votes
by Rep. Frank Ryan,  28 December 2020

Sen. Josh Hawley to challenge certification of electoral votes
by Melissa Quinn,  30 December 2020

Georgia Senate Judiciary Hearing Excerpt
by Jovan Pulitzer (abridged),  30 December 2020

Joint Statement of Seven Senators and Four Senators-Elect
by Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, Ted Cruz, Steve Daines, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy, James Lankford, et al,  2 January 2021

The Year Ahead
by Paul Craig Roberts,  4 January 2021

Warnock Defeats Loeffler After a Night of Vote Fraud
by Cristina Laila,  6 January 2021

Elites Taught America That Violence Works
by Peter Brimelow,  7 January 2021

U.S. Capitol Protest: Ruling Class Tantrum
by James Kirkpatrick,  9 January 2021

Our Disputed Election
by Ron Unz, in his “American Pravda” series,  14 January 2021

81 Court Cases , 30 Still Active, and Not One Court Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued
by Joe Hoft,  24 January 2021

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
by Molly Ball (boasting of the theft),  4 February 2021

Democrats Broke Chain of Custody Laws
by Jim Hoft,  10 February 2021

How Trump Lost the White House
by Patrick Byrne

Ch. 1:  All the President’s Teams (Nov. 3 – Dec. 17)
27 January 2021
Ch. 2:  Was There Foreign Interference in this Election?
31 January 2021
Ch. 3:  Crashing the White House (Dec. 18 – Dec. 22)
1 February 2021
Ch. 4:  The Christmas Doldrums (Dec. 23 – noon Jan. 6)
4 February 2021
Ch. 5:  Agitation & Chaos (Jan. 6 – 20)
8 February 2021
Ch. 6:  The Aftermath
9 February 2021

The Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election [Saved?]
by Molly Ball, Time Magazine  4 February 2021

The Navarro Report
by Peter Navarro (pdf),  2 February 2021 [3]

Erskine Radio Interview
of Michael Flynn & Sidney Powell,  25 February 2021

Courts Repeatedly Refused to Consider Trump’s Election Claims on the Merits
by Bob Anderson,  11 March 2021

Compliation of videos showing evidence of voter fraud

Regent University Election Integrity Conference
by David Clements, law professor (video, skip to 2:20)  27 March 2021

David Clements inteview
conducted by Stew Peters (video)  August 2021

The Vote Trafficking Cartel
by David Clements (video)  August 2021

Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals
by Flag Officers 4 America  12 May 2021

Maricopa County Arizona Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database
by Patty McMurray,  12 May 2021

Antrim County, MI, Attorney Finds Audit Trail Logs Scrubbed to Eliminate Evidence
by The Last Refuge,  12 May 2021

Arizona State Senate Asks County Officials to Testify About Deleted Files, Significant Irregularities
by The Last Refuge,  13 May 2021

Windham, NH: Audit Finds Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Disabled for 90 Minutes
by The Last Refuge,  17 May 2021

Georgia: “Pristine” Biden Ballots That Looked Xeroxed
by Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations,  8 June 2021

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano Initiates Forensic Investigation of 2020 Election
by Debra Heine,  7 July 2021

Why Trump supporters believe the election was stolen
by Darryl Cooper, read by Tucker Carlson  July 2021.  See also the text version The Disillusionment of the Deplorables.

Fulton County, Georgia Election Riddled With Errors and Provable Fraud
by Debra Heine,  13 July 2021

Voter Fraud in Fulton County, Georgia
by Tucker Carlson,  14 July 2021

Massive election fraud in Fulton County, Georgia
by Andrea Widburg,  15 July 2021

Findings of Maricopa County Election Audit
by Election Fraud at a Glance  24 September 2021

Election Audit Documents
Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus  24 September 2021

AZ Forensic Audit Summary: “Election Should Not Be Certified” – Ballots with Known Issues Six Times Margin of Victory
by Refreshing News,  27 September 2021

America's Elections Are Rigged
by Emerald Robinson,  27 September 2021

Overview of Arizona Audit Report
by Hunter Cathey,  5 October 2021

Eruc Coomer Deposition Verifies Antifa Facebook Posts, Extreme Left Bias
by Ben Wetmore,  12 October 2021

The NYT Now Admits the Biden Laptop – Falsely Called “Russian Disinformation” – is Authentic
by G. Greenwald,  16 March 2022

Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote” tells of “Mules” Trafficking Ballots Before the Election
by Hannah Bleau,  30 April 2022

Review of 2000 Mules Documentary
by Sven Larson,  16 May 2022

Paraphrased from this review:
The film exposes what appears to be organized abuse of the mail-in ballot and early voting system in order to tip the 2020 presidential election. Voters who preferred not to vote in person on election day could drop their ballots in designated boxes. Using commercially available cell phone movement data, experts hired by True the Vote identified approximately 2,000 individuals in several states who dropped off large numbers of mail-in ballots.
The data experts were able to identify which boxes the individuals – referred to as “ballot mules” – visited, and when. Typically a mule would visit 20 to 30 boxes, which by itself is very suspicious. And even if someone was just dropping off their family’s mail-in ballots, there would be no need for them to drive all over town to visit two or three dozen boxes.
Furthermore, True the Vote was able to establish that on their way to the drop boxes, the ballot mules visited certain non-profit organizations. These are suspected of providing fraudulent mail-in ballots.
The total number of votes carried by the ballot mules is unknown; there was no way of telling how many ballots each mule dropped at any one time. The film suggests that a mule dropped only five ballots at every stop because a large number would draw suspicion from the local election authority.
By multiplying the number of identified ballot mules and their ballot stops by five, the film concludes that the organized ballot delivery operation mailed approximately 200,000 ballots in just three states: Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. The film concludes that in each of these states, the illegal ballots were enough to swing the state from Trump to Biden. If the illegally trafficked votes are removed, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania would swing from Biden to Trump. The electoral votes in these three states would have been enough to give Trump 270 and for him to win the election.

Arabella, the Dark-Money Group
by Nick Moseder,  4 May 2022

Michigan Investigators Reveal More Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud
by Ben Wetmore,  16 May 2022

True the Vote Now Has Footage of the 2020 Green Bay, Wisconsin, Drop Boxes
by Jim Hoft,  16 May 2022

Yuma County Airzona Voting Fraud
from Office of the Sheriff,  11 May 2022

Police Raid Arizona Nonprofits in Ballot Trafficking Investigation
by Jordan Conradson,  21 May 2022

One of the 2000 Mules Caught by Project VERITAS Has Been Arrested, Facing Prison for Election Fraud
22 June 2022

Supreme Court of Wisconsin Bans Election Drop Boxes
by Kelen McBreen,  22 July 2022

Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting
by Jay Valentine,  20 July 2022

The FBI Keeps Interfering in Presidential Elections
by John Davidson,  27 July 2022

Maricopa County Elections Employees Who Deleted Files From Election Server Before Maricopa County Audit
by Jordan Conradson,  31 July 2022

Media’s Top Eight Hunter Biden Laptop Deniers
by Alexander Marlow,  16 September 2022

DHS Censorship Agency's First Mission: Ban Speech Casting Doubt On Election Events
by Mike Benz,  9 November 2022

Maricopa County Corruption
by Rachel Alexander,  3 January 2023

How the FBI Hacked Twitter
by Lee Smith,  5 January 2023

How social networks became a subsidiary of the FBI and CIA
by Jonathan Cook,  20 February 2023

The State Department sold online censorship tools to Big Tech firms in run-up to the election
by Domi Good,  19 April 2023

Former CIA employees created the October 2020 letter saying the Hunter Biden laptop business was “Russian disinformation”
by Harriet Alexander,  21 April 2023

News Blackout in Effect
by Matt Taibbi,  21 April 2023

Did Biden Steal The Election?
by Ron Paul,  24 April 2023

Who Stole the 2020 Presidential Election?
by Philip Giraldi,  2 May 2023

CIA bosses about CIA letter following laptop revelation
by John Solomon,  5 May 2023

by Alexandra Bruce ,  8 May 2023

Bribery evidence against Biden was submitted to the DOJ in 2018
by Stephen Lepore,  8 May 2023

The Censorship-Industrial Complex
by Susan Schmidt et al,  10 May 2023

Biden’s CIA Assist in the 2020 Presidential Election
by Kimberley Strassel, WSJ  11 May 2023

The Pulitzer-Level Blackout on Biden Corruption
by Jonathan Turley,  13 May 2023

The Durham Report: A Scathing Whitewash
“Special Counsel John Durham has released his final report, after spending $6 million and taking four years to conclude what everyone knew from the beginning: that the FBI improperly pursued the Trump-Russia collusion charge because of political bias and personal malice against Trump within the agency, and that it was helped along by Democratic party leadership. It was a verbally scathing report that said the FBI “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law,” but in the end it had no teeth. It appears it was meant to pacify conservatives but is ultimately a whitewash because it makes no recommendations for legal consequences for those that misused the power of the FBI for political purposes. Durham had the audacity to write that the systematic problems with the Bureau relative to extreme bias are “difficult to explain.” Not at all! They show a conspiracy to weaponize the power of the FBI, without legal cause against Donald Trump. Heads should roll, but, conveniently, the probe took so long all the major players have left before they could be prosecuted. Yes, if specific accusations had been made, charges could be brought against them, but that isn’t going to happen because their globalist/Deep State allies control all the levers of power in government and especially within the Department of Justice, and they will make sure the Deep State actors are never held to account.”
— Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief 21 May 2023

The Limits of Media Corruption
“If merely one vote in 7,000 had changed, Trump would have been back in the White House.”
by Ron Unz,  22 May 2023

The Democrats Are Replacing Democracy With Tyranny
by Paul Craig Roberts,  11 June 2023

The Hunter Biden “controlled demolition” is complete
by Jonathan Turley,  20 June 2023.  But not so fast, the DOJ didn’t bank on Maryellen Noreika:
Corrupt Department of Injustice Goes All Out to Protect Hunter Biden
by Paul Craig Roberts  30 July 2023

“Critical Vulnerabilities” in 2020 Election Voting Machines
by Frank Bergman,  20 June 2023  See also Georgia won’t update Dominion voting machines before 2024.

Whistleblowers Release New Evidence Against Biden, DOJ, and Attorney General Garland
by Tyler Durden,  22 June 2023 (republished ZeroHedge article)

The Rot in America Explained in Under 1,000 Words
by Tyler Durden,  24 June 2023
“The more we learn about the 2020 election, the more undeniable it becomes that Biden owes his ‘victory’ to blatant political corruption” — Tom Elliott

Biden Picks Up Call to Burner Phone Revealed in Hunter Scandal
by Tyler Durden,  29 June 2023

Whistleblower Was Willing to Testify; U.S. Attorney Didn’t Answer His Calls
by Debra Heine,  29 June 2023

Biden corruption case witness Dr. Gal Luft details allegations against president’s family
by Miranda Devine,  5 July 2023

DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Prepared to Testify Against Biden Family
by Tyler Durden,  11 July 2023

Investigators Had to Wait for Hunter’s Okay Before Interviewing Him, in Vain
by Debra Heine,  17 July 2023

Trump a “target” of DOJ’s Capitol riot investigation
by Steven Nelson,  18 July 2023

Foreign Sources Have Given $17M to $40M+ to Biden Family
by Kelly Laco,  20 July 2023

The Left’s Elections “Fortification” in 2024
by Hayden Ludwig ,  24 July 2023

Congress and the Media Panic as Biden Scandal Mounts
by Jonathan Turley,  25 July 2023

FBI Lied About Meetings with Facebook
by Allum Bokhari,  7 August 2023

Donald Trump, Eugene Debs, and the President of Mexico
by Ron Unz,  7 August 2023

The 2020 Election Was – and GA GOP Leadership (Among Others) Are Complicit
by Patrick Cleburne,  23 August 2023

Who Murdered Seth Rich?
by Ron Wright,  18 September 2023

FBI Won’t Release Documents About Nationwide Voter Registration Fraud
by Natalia,  26 September 2023

Many Houses in Maricopa County Had 25 Voters Registered, Other Anomalies
by Rachel Alexander,  17 November 2023

2020 Election Survey: One in Five Mail-in Voters Admit to Fraud
by Tom Ozimek,  14 December 2023

Georgia Secretary of State Refuses to Testify About Security of State’s Dominion Voting Machines
in Station Gossip,  28 December 2023

Trump Releases Summary of Election Fraud
3 January 2024

Hiding Documents that Reveal Intelligence Agencies’ Election Interference
by Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, Alex Gutentag,  14 February 2024

“The Most Secure Election in American History”/b>
by John Eastman,  21 April 2024

1  “Post Election – What Now? Creating the World We Want!”
Yaron Brook Show, 5 or 6 November 2020

UPDATE:  Peter Schwartz weighed in on 10 January 2021, posting an article on Facebook titled “Saving the Republican Party.”  It reads in part:

“At Trump’s core is a militant emotionalism — not a willingness to lie, but a belligerent indifference toward the truth. If he wants to believe that the election was stolen from him, he will refuse to acknowledge the results. The fact that dozens of courts, consisting of both Democratic and Republican judges, have examined his allegations and concluded that they are baseless, is irrelevant to him.”

Leftists are known for accusing their enemies of what they themselves are doing. The Obleftivists at ARI are no exception. The phrase “belligerent indifference toward the truth” perfectly describes the attitude of Mr. Schwartz himself and the others at ARI.

2  Excerpted from:

3  peternavarro.com/the-navarro-report

Mouthpieces for Election Riggers >