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The best of the Ancient Greeks, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, purged of their errors and contradictions – that’s one way to describe Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Rand justified human freedom and dignity with a consistency and eloquence as had no one before.

Though nothing can undo that achievement, the spread of her ideas has been hampered by her extraordinarily unfortunate choice of associates. In her own lifetime eventually all but a few of them betrayed her, afterwards heaping her with abuse.

Rand died in 1982. She willed her entire estate, including the copyrights to all her works, to Leonard Peikoff, an associate of some 30 years. She told him she trusted him to use it well. In 1985 Mr. Peikoff founded the Ayn Rand Institute – ARI – to promote her ideas, called Objectivism. In 2000 he appointed Yaron Brook, a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S., executive director. (Later his title was changed to president and CEO. He held that position until 2017 when he became Chairman of the Board and another Israeli took his old position.)

What worries honest students of Objectivism is the corruption of ARI.  It promotes the neocon agenda in foreign affairs and the cultural leftist agenda in domestic affairs, all dressed up in Objectivist verbiage. The betrayal of Ayn Rand, by the last of her former associates, could not be more complete or perverse.

On this website you will read ARI writers advocating self-sacrifice, open borders, and torture. You will see their evasions, their sickening aping of Ayn Rand’s style of expression, their sophistries and lies. We hang them by their own utterance and offer comment.

Vice is ugly but it does one good to see it properly labeled. Our aim is to create a place where honest students of Rand’s ideas, sickened by ARI, can come to recuperate. Whatever anyone associated with the misnamed Ayn Rand Institute publishes is on our watch. This includes media op-eds, letters to editors, press releases, and newsletters put out by ARI; articles by ARI writers published elsewhere; lectures and interviews given by ARI writers.

Though these knaves and bunglers would destroy the intellectual legacy of Ayn Rand by marrying it to an agenda totally foreign to her ideas, one can take some solace in an aphorism attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche: “The first adherents of a creed prove nothing against it.”

If you were expecting another Ayn Rand hate-site, you have come to the wrong place. Our target is the “Ayn Rand” Institute because we respect the work of Ayn Rand.