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Comments from readers who like the website. Some of these comments were posted to discussion groups, others emailed to ARI Watch.

Has anyone been to this new website, ARIwatch.com ?

Anyway, it is “new” to me. I don’t know who set it up, but it has a running critical analysis of many positions that ARI has taken – and then compares it to what Ayn Rand, herself, had actually said on the selected topic.

Check it out! ... It looks pretty good, so far! My congratulations to whoever set the site up!

– J. B.

After a long, tedious search on the internet, I found what I was looking for on your website.

The site addresses the very issues that I have been having a difficult time understanding. I respect Ayn Rand’s works, but constantly find irrational propaganda against her works. At the same time, I constantly find irrational propaganda promoting her works. Especially from the ARI itself !

I could write further at great length, but I know you understand my undertaking. For the website which you have created, a website that rationally addresses these concerns, is the result of going through the same process as I have done.

Thank You,

– E. U.

... thanks for the link. Every Objectivist or libertarian should read that site.

– P. T.

Following a link ..., I found this [link to Ayn Rand on Torture] for [that is, in answer to] ... the devil’s advocate and/or torture-supporting libertarians ... [it’s] a brief glimpse at what used to be such bedrock American political reasoning it had no reason to be articulated. Until now.

– G. S.

... I found a site I hadn’t seen before – ARI Watch. Interesting stuff pointing out the really disturbing police state advocacy that ARI has been doing since 9/11.
... I knew a bunch of the ARI people ... and I just am so grossed out by what they’ve become.

– L. S.

Excellent exposé.

Despite its official status and claming to further the philosophy of Objectivism which is a philosophy based on reason and logic, some of the most irrational articles are being circulated by the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI). Fortunately, someone ... has pointed to a website that details ARI’s straying from Ayn Rand’s philosophy based on statements she said and authored.

The articles at the website are excellent and well documented. A good source of information for Ayn Rand fans (like me) who are also anti[the neocon’s]war.

Ayn Rand was a brilliant individual and it is unfortunate that the institute formed in her name to further her philosophy [instead] furthers the neo-conservative agenda, dressing it up in Objectivist rhetoric.

– M. R.

- - - - - y  great website.

– M. J.

Been reading through some of your articles. ... I was not expecting what I found. I was entirely expecting ... articles ... denouncing Objectivist ideas. What I found was an honestly Objectivist criticism of the ARI.
Thanks for some excellent reading.

– S. H.

... it is good to keep an eye on the ARI – I was amazed that they are pro [the Iraq] war ... – it seems so alien to the nobility of man and the virtue of individualism and selfishness as Rand understood it.

– K. K.

... I’m truly dismayed ... that ARI has perverted [Ayn Rand’s] philosophy in support of the Bush imperialist neo-con police state.

... I [once] considered her villains in Atlas Shrugged to be a bit cartoonish. Little could I imagine that these cartoons would come to life in the form of the neo-conservatives, who parade around wearing a ... mask of conservatism while promoting the same outrages as Rand’s socialist villains did in her fiction. Torture, glorification of militarism, lying the nation into war, massive spying, gulags, detaining suspects without access to lawyers or courts, law-breaking, Constitution-trampling – all justified in the name of spreading “freedom” and “democracy” and fighting terrorists who “hate us for our freedom” – a word which apparently means something different to George W’s cabal than it does to the rest of us.

And ARI supports all this? Do they really not see how much the Bush regime is similar to Rand’s villains, only coming at it from the other side of the political spectrum? ... What on earth do they hope to achieve by jumping on the fascist Bush bandwagon??? ...

Thanks for keeping an eye on ARI.

– M. S.

ARI, under the leadership of Leonard Peikoff, committed the biggest intellectual heist in history by taking the ideas of Ayn Rand which she had entrusted to him and twisting them to support their direct antithesis.

– anon  (silently copyedited by ARI Watch)

While surfing the web last night somehow I found your site. I’ve read through several of your articles and am quite impressed (and at the same time shocked to learn of ARI’s support of the Bush administration). I’m glad for all you have written ...

– J. L.

I have just discovered your web site ...

My Objectivist study began with Atlas Shrugged in 1965 and Objectivism has proven very valuable in my research work ... . I have long been distressed with the attitudes (on many topics) ... expressed by ARI, to the point where I disagreed vehemently, often wondering how they could have gotten so far off the track.

Your web site seems to confirm my intellectual sanity and I thank you. I can’t wait to read more of your Objective articles.

– K. B.

I want to congratulate you. I may not agree with absolutely everything you say, but I do agree with your argument that ARI is a total sham and that it is sabotaging the legacy of Ayn Rand. I find your website a useful resource on that matter and I want to thank you for it.

– A.

[The author of ARI Watch] documents what he says. He performs an essential ... service. [But he] also, to me, bends too far backwards at times in expecting better of ARI. ...

I’ve seen and heard ARI’s Yaron Brook and Andrew Bernstein up close – and I mean that literally, two to three feet. I have almost never seen, as I did with them, such a concentrated, visual suggestion of a malevolent personal attitude. So much so that when I see ARI openly endorsing [government] torture, I cannot be surprised in the slightest.

That this organization is the entry point to Objectivist culture, for thousands each year, especially high school and college students, depresses me all over again.

– S. R.

Today I spent a few hours browsing ARI Watch and have to say I’m surprised that so many of the ... people I once knew have come out promoting such horrific values and ideas. After reading the Introduction on your website I felt very happy to see someone out there who agrees with Ayn Rand’s philosophy and ... who opposes and exposes the goon-squad at the ARI.

– anon

I just found your web site a few days ago and read about half your articles. I haven’t been paying attention to ARI for a few years, but I have been paying a great deal of attention to what, how and why the government and [some – I trust this respondent meant] corporations are trashing America. I’m quite alarmed at the accelerated pace of the destruction.

The wars, the torture, the trashing of the Constitution with the Patriot Acts I & II, have gotten me increasingly angry and active. But then to see ARI supporting these things really was the last straw. I had been working on some other more important longer range work but I’m thinking now I want to take some time out and fight these guys.

I want to thank you for what you have done so far and encourage your efforts. It has been helpful to me to see what they are up to and get your detailed analysis. I really liked your bringing in extra facts to highlight your points, like all the links to torture examples. It really drives the point home.

– J. Y.

It took a long time for someone to appear on the Internet to so brilliantly defend Ayn Rand’s philosophy against those who seek to destroy it by turning it on its head to suit their own misguided, irrational and often perverted purposes. Those who loved The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged because they thrilled to the philosophy and the sense of life of its author will recognize in an instant who presents the authentic version of Ayn Rand’s philosophy:  the up is down distorters of her philosophy at ARI or the A = A promoters of inalienable human rights at ARI Watch.

Congratulations to the hosts of ARI Watch for caring enough about the philosophy of Objectivism and Ayn Rand’s legacy to successfully rescue them from the increasingly fascist ... anti-Objectivists ... at ARI.

– D. T.

I consider myself an Objectivist and long time fan of Ayn Rand.

ARI has disappointed me so very much. They really are so obsessed with jihad that they have become completely blind to the domestic enemy that is moving at an alarming rate; much faster and deadlier than any Islamic group could even fantasize about.

– J. H.

I would like to applaud ARI Watch.  I had become embarrassed on realizing that ARI is the face of Objectivism to the world.  Thank you for refuting them.

– anon  (silently copyedited by ARI Watch)

Your site is one of the best I’ve seen. Consider how, before the Internet became commonplace, ARI and its associates could feed their readership whatever they wished with little concern of public contradiction. Dissenters had no practical way to publish rebuttals or even fact-checks. The Web changed that forever and your site is the proof. We are now able to read, in sickening detail, the ... irrationality of those who set themselves up as moral and intellectual authorities.

– D. R.

[Researching Ayn Rand,] ARI quickly popped up on my radar. I checked out the website and some YouTube videos. Seemed like a great organization to find out about all-things-Rand.

Except that there was a little voice telling me “something’s not quite right.” ...

The little I’ve read about Ayn Rand was interesting. As soon as I stumbled into ARI, I felt like, wait a minute, a moment ago I was “here” – and now I’m somewhere else. It was a nagging feeling.

ARIwatch.com has confirmed what I suspected.

Ayn Rand Institude  does not equal  Ayn Rand.  People would be foolish to confuse the two.

– E. C.

ARIwatch is a massive resource. Nothing like it anywhere else that I know of.

– W. D.

I want to thank you for doing this work to expose the goals pursued by these supposed spokesmen for Ayn Rand. They are not necessarily the goals she would have advocated nor what many of us who value her work advocate.

– B.

I found your website two months ago and it has been transformative. I have seen some of the things happening among the notable people in ARI and your website fully fleshes out their foolishness and rationalizations.

– A. B.

I had no idea how bad things had gotten at ARI until the current election [2016], which has now made it quite obvious to me how out of touch they are. I have supported Ayn Rand's ideas in my own way for 25 years and had an uneasy feeling about ARI for some time, but not until this election did I look for an alternate interpretation such as your [website].

– N. B.

I don’t know how long your site has been up ... but I’m glad someone finally ... [did] this.

... there is a sizable number of OAC students and former students who share your criticisms of ARI, including myself. We’ve been operating under the radar, although some of us have directly raised issues with senior ARI staff. Of course, we haven’t gotten anywhere.

In our opinion, ARI has become nothing more than a vapid postmodern institution, on a par with any of its so-called enemies. Its obsession with shallow politics (and Israel) is an aspect of that.

I was particularly glad to see that someone else finds the art and music preferences of the ARI leadership appalling. I have never been able to come to grips with Leonard Peikoff’s praise for the movie “ET.”

– B. L.

The introduction to your site says it best:

“Though nothing can undermine that achievement, the spread of her ideas has been hampered by her extraordinarily unfortunate choice of associates.”

I’m a new Objectivist still coming to terms with the “yuckiness” surrounding Peikoff, ARI and other “torchbearers” of Ayn Rand’s ideas. It’s disheartening and confusing ...

... your reply is a source of vindication and comfort amidst a jungle of nonsense.

– J. M.